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What is Advanced Trading?

The first place to begin for anyone starting out in Forex trading is to implement a trading setup that includes entry and exit levels(opening/booking price). This setup is known as a Forex Trading Strategy. There are numerous trading strategies, but you always need a Forex Expert to understand the strategy's suitability according to the current market sentiments. EFD Group's strategy is well known for basic and advanced-level forex traders.

Levels to be accomplished after practicing on a Demo Account

Basic Forex Trading
Single trading account and the least volume.
Advanced Forex Trading
Multiple trading accounts and higher volumes.

    The trading criteria get planned based on Fund Managers' trading performance.
    Our trading analysis team keeps a watch on the trader's activity. We choose the traders for the advanced level based on the below given points.

  • Complete attention is required on the trading platform.
  • The Particularity of checking instant messages sent by the team.
  • Regularity in posting the screenshot of the MT4 trading page.
  • Changing the range on time.
    Attentiveness on the trading signal webpage in order to keep your portfolio updated.
  • The method of changing the range.
    The Trader has to be known for closing/adding the orders and setting up Entry Level as the Target Price(TP).
  • A sharp eye is required on the Investment Amount(Principle Amount)
    Before squaring the trades do not forget to check the investment on the Webpage

The main concern behind the interview call is understanding the trader's overall awareness of the business. We will be asking "IF" or "IF NOT" based questions.
An example to make you prepare- What will happen IF you are not attentive towards the trading platform, overall investment, updated trading range, instant messages & posting screenshots?

Based on the points mentioned above, an interview will be held. Kindly signup below to book your interview call.

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